blargbot is equipped with numerous commands. By default, blargbot responds to the prefixes b!, blargbot, and mentions. You can add additional prefixes for both yourself and guilds.

Some commands may only be used by members whom you define as staff. You can also customize the usage restrictions of each command individually.

Some commands have special permission requirements in order to be executed, such as uploading images. Please make sure the bot has the proper permissions when attempting to use a command.


  • <> - denotes a required argument
  • [] - denotes an optional argument
  • ... - denotes a repeated argument


Some commands are able to take commandline-like flag parameters. All flags are divided into flag codes (prefixed by -) and words (prefixed by --). Flags can be provided in any order, but must be after normal arguments.

For example, if a command takes a user input, you’d be able to use -u or --user.

b!command --user @user#1234
b!command -u @user#1234

You can also chain flag codes together. For example, -flag test would activate flags -f, -l, -a, and give the content ‘test’ to -g.